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Let 2024 be the year to go plastic-free—with No More Plastic Packaging’s great range!

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Some of the enterprising businesses we are working with—that are leading the way to a sustainable future.

Will you join them? Strengthen your brand, and invest in our planet.

Thank you MBodycare for going plastic-free with our NatureFlex bags!

Want to package your product with a 100% plastic-free solution? Why not click on over to our heat sealable NatureFlex™ Cellophane bag range. Learn more at NatureFlex™ Cellophane. 

Paper pulp seedling trays

PEAT-FREE Paper pulp seedling trays. Biodegradable and Compostable. Made from recycled paper. Will break down in the soil when planted.

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New! Home Compostable ShrinkWrap Bags

No More Plastic™ ShrinkWrap Bags, made from PLA cornstarch. Can be thrown in your backyard compost after use and will return to carbon and water within 6-12 months. Can be 100% home composted or commercially. 20 microns thick, like tissue paper. Can be heated with a hair dryer or heat gun. Will seal your products airtight. Great for bath bombs and soap bars that need an airtight protective coating.

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How to use compostable ShrinkWrap

Watch the videon on how to ShrinkWrap Bath Bombs with No More Plastic™ Compostable ShrinkWrap.

Custom designed sustainable packaging

Strengthen your brand and invest in your own sustainable packaging. We offer a full design service including diecut drawing. Specialising in Compostable Pouches, Kraft Printed Mailers, Printed Cellobags and Customised Sustainable Packaging. Email us today with your specifications and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

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New! No More Plastic Greeting Card Sleeves

A great alternative to plastic! Compostable card sleeves are available in 4 sizes. Great for greeting card and envelope makers. Made from NatureFlex™ Cellophane (not polypropylene or PLA), our bags are biodegradable and home compostable. Can be sealed with a label, or heat sealed with a standard heat sealer, used for either plastic or cellophane.

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PLA windows in your packaging
compostable pouch with PLA window
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What we do . . .

We are wholesale suppliers of biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions created from FSC sourced papers, and bioplastics. We help our customers find viable non-plastic solutions for their businesses. We also provide custom designed eco-friendly packaging and branding of your packaging.

All our products are given a bio rating for ‘end of life’ applications. All our products can either be processed in commercial composting facilities, or at home in conventional composters, or be recycled.

Our products are made using less carbon emissions, creating a cleaner, happier, more sustainable planet for all.