Kraft Standup Pouches

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A great range of Kraft Standup Pouches available, made from biodegradable grade paper. Great for ground coffee, chocolates, cookies, nuts, grains, anything that needs to be kept fresh and dry. Coffee bags have a gas valve, to release build up and aluminium lining. Cookie Pouch has window to showcase your products.

  • Compostable Kraft Pouches 250g

    From: $64.00
  • Compostable Kraft Pouches 500g

    From: $96.00
  • Kraft Coffee Pouch 1kg

  • Kraft Coffee Pouch 250g

  • Kraft Coffee Pouch 500g

  • Kraft Coffee Pouches 70g

  • Sale!

    Kraft Standup Cookie Pouch

    From: $29.32
  • Kraft Standup Cookie Pouch PLA

    From: $36.00