Paper Carry Bags

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Versatile Brown and White Paper Carry Bags, ideal for all types of environments, including SOS grocery bags, takeaway bags, carry bags, bread and grocery bags, fruit, or take away food. Packed flat to minimize storage space. 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. Can be printed on with your own branding.

  • Brown Kraft Bag Baby

  • Brown Kraft Bag Medium

  • Brown Kraft Bag Medium Plus

  • Brown Kraft Bag Small

  • Brown Kraft Takeaway Bag Large

  • Brown Kraft Takeaway Bag Medium

  • Brown Kraft Takeaway Bag Small

  • Brown Takeaway Kraft Bag Diecut Handle

  • Take Away Bag Brown Kraft Small

  • Take Away Brown Bag Kraft Large

  • White Kraft Bag Medium

  • White Kraft Bag Midi