Cellophane Bags

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Did you know cellophane bags make great salad bags?

Want to reduce your plastic footprint?

Why not switch to Cellophane and support the planet?

Did you know cellophane is eco-friendly? Proudly made in Australia, our cellophane flat and gusseted bags, are great as salad bags, for teas, herbs, sweets, sourdough bread, flat cards and cookies or biscuits. We have over 40 different sizes of bags. Cellophane has been in use for many years and is making a come-back. Will keep food fresh and moisture free, if kept in a dry place.

Our Cellophane bags are available in two kinds:

NatureFlex™ Bags

Home compostable. NatureFlex™ is a biodegradable and compostable cellophane film made from renewable cellulose fibre. It is certified biodegradable by Australian Standards AS 5810, and can be composted at home. The bags are made in Australia, have good moisture barrier for foods, and are heat sealable with a standard heat sealer. Can store food for up to 18 months under dry conditions without breaking down. Decomposition time approximately 15 weeks once in the elements. Want to know more about composting our bags? Learn more.

See NatureFlex Flat Range.  See NatureFlex Gusseted Range.

Standard Cellophane Bags

Industrially compostable. Bags are made in Australia from renewable cellulose film with synthetic moisture barrier. Can store food for up to 2 years under dry conditions. Can be heat sealed using standard heat sealer. Great for teas, cookies, biscuits. Standard thickness 23NK. Can be used in the freezer for food storage at -18 degrees. Biodegradable and compostable, but best suited to industrial composting facilities after use.

See Standard Flat Range.  See Standard Gusseted Range.

  • NatureFlex Flat 02

    65 x 115mm
    From: $29.58
  • NatureFlex Flat 04

    75 x 145mm
    From: $32.03
  • NatureFlex Flat 06

    90 x 165mm
    From: $34.00
  • NatureFlex Flat 08

    100 x 180mm
    From: $36.96
  • NatureFlex Flat 09

    125 x 180mm
    From: $37.18
  • NatureFlex Flat 10

    120 x 190mm
    From: $38.80
  • NatureFlex Flat 12

    135 x 200mm
    From: $39.66
  • NatureFlex Flat 14

    150 x 230mm
    From: $44.00
  • NatureFlex Flat 16

    165 x 235mm
    From: $53.21
  • NatureFlex Flat 19

    205 x 280mm
    From: $55.44
  • NatureFlex Flat 40

    250 x 400mm
  • NatureFlex Flat A4

    230 x 330mm
    From: $66.08